Hybrid Event

Seattle, Washington • 2013

About This Event

SEI Meetings & Incentives facilitated a client’s major product expansion announcements by creating a professional, exciting web broadcast promoting an upscale onsite experience.  We were able to deliver a full live production without compromising the celebration at the physical event, while closely monitoring elements such as noise, timing, wait staff interference, and crowd interruption during filming.

SEI managed, sourced, and staged an artsy modern warehouse in Seattle’s trendy design district.  We researched and recommended professional webcast MC’s who had an understanding of the nuances of this specialized media and could drive enthusiasm levels.  SEI coordinated two AV production teams to effectively manage program flow, integrate live guest interviews into the evening, and ensure that we adhered to the overall timeline.  Branding was displayed throughout the venue with careful consideration of camera set-up and how visuals would appear on screen.  Multiple detailed site visits were necessary to create a precise floor plan that would accommodate food service, production equipment, lighting, broadcast lines of view, and greenroom access without interrupting the flow of the event.  Traffic patterns and social areas were redesigned as to be optimal for guests, while AV lines of sight, acoustic set-up and technical connections were all structured for peak performance.   Additionally, city permits were secured for outdoor spaces to house the highly branded entrance and company vehicles parked outside of the downtown venue.

The Client stated that this exclusive event was a “huge success!”  Guests received a high level of service and had the ability to meet key people in the company.  Those joining by webcast felt included in the excitement due to the speakers’ and MC’s ability to project the ambiance of the actual event through the virtual medium.  Onsite attendance levels were near 100% until the event closed.  The webcast audience expanded throughout the entire night, and the Company reported 1 million hits to Facebook and #4 in Trending Topics on Twitter during both the webcast and the live event.

Event Details


Direct Sales Organization

Program Type

Hybrid Event


400 onsite attendees and an online audience of thousands


Annual anniversary event providing upscale experience to attending guests while simultaneously generating excitement and brand awareness globally