Awards Ceremonies

Multiple Cities • 2012

About This Event

SEI Meetings & Incentives created, organized and implemented multiple identical events throughout the nation to reward telecommunication call center top performers.  We replicated event décor and branding, while implementing simultaneously in multiple cities.  The events were designed to appeal to varied demographic ranges and geographical styles, while providing a consistent experience to all and personalized recognition by management.

To ensure quality and value, SEI coordinated and contracted with DJs, photographers and other entertainment to work as many locations as possible.  SEI managed theme & décor nationwide – with some locations having limited resources.  Centerpieces and other décor elements were shipped ahead to all locations with specific diagrams and photos for local suppliers’ installations.  SEI planned and organized itineraries to ensure appropriate Executives were in attendance at each of the events, and also managed the weekly inventory of décor and gift shipments for each location.  During registration, winners were asked to provide a short statement describing their contribution to the company’s success.  These quotes were integrated into the theme and projected on screens throughout the event.

SEI generated program savings through our negotiation, management and multi-event bookings with approximately 100 contracted suppliers.  We offered a centralized website with over 20 unique administration panels for registrant management and reporting.  Attendees were able to access only the information relevant to their location.  Our post-event survey results indicated that 96% of the attendees felt highly recognized and appreciated by the event, confirming it as a significant driver of employee engagement and performance recognition.

Event Details


Telecommunications - a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services

Program Type

Annual awards ceremonies ranging from 17-23 events over 4 weekends


1,800 - 3,500 Employees & Guests


To recognize the top 10% call center performers for excellence in customer service and satisfaction